0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators



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0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators
0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators
0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators
0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators
0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators
0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators
0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators

0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators

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0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators

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ultrasonic generator is a kind of equipment which converts the city electricity to the transducer with high frequency alternating current to drive the transducer. It is an important part of the high-power ultrasonic system. It can also be called the electronic box, the ultrasonic driving power supply and the ultrasonic controller. Although the ultrasonic generator can also be called ultrasonic power supply, in fact, the ultrasonic generator is only part of the ultrasonic power supply. The ultrasonic power supply can be divided into self excitation and its exciting type according to the difference of the exciting mode, and the ultrasonic generator refers to its exciting ultrasonic power supply, because it is more than 10% higher than self excitation in the output power, so most of the ultrasonic generator is used as the driving power.

The ultrasonic generator can monitor the working frequency and power of the high power ultrasonic system.
According to the different requirements of users, we can adjust various parameters in real-time, such as power, amplitude, running time and so on.
Frequency fine tuning: adjusting the frequency makes the ultrasonic transducer always work in the best condition, the efficiency reaches the maximum, and the adjustment range is 2%.
Automatic frequency following: once the device has completed its initial setup, it can operate continuously without the need to regulate the generator.
Amplitude control: when the transducer changes during the working process, it can automatically adjust the driving characteristics to ensure that the tool head has a stable amplitude.
System protection: when the system works in an unsuitable operating environment, the generator will stop working and display the alarm and protect the equipment from damage.
Amplitude adjustment: the amplitude can be increased or reduced instantly in the working process, and the setting range of amplitude is 0%~100%.
Automatic frequency search: it can automatically measure the working frequency of tool heads and store them.

Digital ultrasonic generator selectable frequency 25KHZ, 28KHZ,33khz, 40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 130KHZ or higher frequency, single-frequency ultrasonic generator.

Digital ultrasonic generator  Power: 600W ~ 2400W, 2500W ~ 10000W (to be ordered) or a higher power.


Standard configuration features:
1. Timer
2. Frequency display and adjusting
3. Current Display
3. Power adjusting
4.remote control connector /PLC connecting
5.OutputPower plug
6.High-frequency connector or CE connector (US ,EU or standard type) 



Mainly produce ultrasonic cleaning machines, automatic cleaning lines, laboratory ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic transducers, electroplating equipment, industrial chillers, industrial pure water machines, industrial ovens, automated conveyor lines and other industrial equipment. Products are widely used in the electronics industry, hardware industry, die-casting industry, optical industry, automobile manufacturing, aerospace industry, and laboratories of colleges and universities.
Models include: single-tank and multi-tank ultrasonic cleaners; ultrasonic cleaners for the hardware industry; ultrasonic cleaners for the automobile and motorcycle industries; ultrasonic cleaners for the optical industry; ultrasonic cleaners for the electronics industry; ultrasonic cleaners for the LCD industry; high-pressure spray cleaning Machine; Hydrocarbon automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic power matching circuit includes output transformer, inductor and transducer. This circuit isolates the high-voltage signal after power amplification with the output transformer, and then excites the series (parallel) resonant circuit composed of the resonant inductor and the ultrasonic transducer to make it resonate, convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy most effectively, and realize the ultrasonic Purpose of cleaning.
It is suitable for cleaning electroplating parts before plating, stainless steel hardware parts dewaxing, degreasing cleaning, metal products, copper and aluminum parts, mechanical parts, zinc alloy parts, clock parts, glasses, jewelry, glassware, etc., almost all hard plastics, Cleaning of oil, polishing paste, dust and other attachments remaining in the machining process of metal and hardware parts.
Application areas of ultrasonic cleaning:
Manufacturing industry: precision cleaning, dust removal, degreasing and dewaxing, used for cleaning precision stamping parts; precision gears, bearing manufacturing, various metal and plastic workpieces electroplating pretreatment, etc.
Semiconductor industry: precision cleaning of photovoltaic silicon wafers, silicon wafers, liquid crystal glass, hard disk, magnetic head cleaning; decontamination cleaning of electronic connectors, PCB boards and SMT, etc.
Optical industry: optical glass, camera parts, lens dust and wax removal, high-magnification microscopes, radio telescope precision parts and assembly cleaning, etc.
Automobile industry: automobile instrument manufacturing, bearing manufacturing, engine, steering gear, transmission, brake assembly manufacturing and assembly, etc.
Medical and pharmaceutical industry: cleaning of surgical instruments in hospitals, microsurgery, eye mirrors, and dental appliances; cleaning of reactors, utensils, and packaging robots in pharmaceutical factories.
Laboratory of scientific research institutes: various purification appliances, fine sensors, instrument parts in scientific research institutes; laboratory cleaning of various test tubes, straws, and glass devices; crushing, chemical reaction, catalytic reaction, and extraction of various materials.
















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0-2400W Digital Touch Ultrasonic Generator For Cleaning Vehicle Radiators







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