1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker



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1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker
1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker
1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker
1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker
1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker
1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker
1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker

1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker

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1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker


 The working principle of this machine is that the ultrasonic transducer atomizes the water under the action of the ultra-high frequency electromagnetic oscillation source, atomizes the water into a sub-state, and sprays out into water mist, which merges with the air to achieve the purpose of humidification.

Taking the textile industry as an example, whether it is natural cotton fiber or man-made fiber to achieve efficient and trouble-free operation throughout the processing process, maintaining a continuous and stable humidity level is essential. Otherwise, there will be a series of problems, such as no raw material transportation failure, disconnection loss, increased flying, and loss of weight and original quality during storage. At the same time, in the interior of the workshop, all kinds of dust and wool are easily suspended in the air in a dry environment, which affects normal production. If the air reaches a certain humidity, these suspended matter will absorb the moisture in the air and become heavy and fall on the ground, thereby maintaining a good working environment and reducing the damage to the human body.
In the electronics industry, in order to ensure the quality of products, the temperature and humidity control of domestic electronics factories is becoming more and more strict, especially the requirements for humidity. Because it is very easy to generate static electricity in the plant which is too dry, it can cause damage to the CMOS integration (Note: The test proves that when the relative humidity is 20%, the static voltage in the plant is 10000V, and when the relative humidity is as low as 10%, 20000V is easily generated in the plant. Voltage). In addition, too dry air can also cause dust in the air to fly, induce respiratory diseases, affect the physical and mental health of workers, and reduce work efficiency. Generally speaking, the temperature of the electronic workshop should be controlled at about 22℃, and the relative humidity should be controlled between 50-60% (special clean workshops have relevant temperature and humidity regulations). At this time, static electricity can be effectively eliminated and people feel comfortable.
In addition, printing, food processing, daily necessities production, tobacco processing and many other industries have corresponding requirements for the relative humidity level in the production process.


The use of: For humidifying machine, fog equipment movement, or directly used as a humidifier (to be connected to 48V DC). Use matters needing attention:

1 when the atomizer is working correctly, please don't put their hands on the above atomizer spray chamber, to prevent ultrasonic injury.

2. The atomizer must be in the water to work properly, before use, please the into the water and then connect the power, and to ensure that the fogging piece surface in the water, so as not to damage the atomizer.

3. when to stop using the atomizer before you disconnect the power supply, and then removed from the water atomizer.

4. use the atomizer, please use the output power is more than 250W, the output voltage is DC45 + 5V power supply.

5. when a plurality of atomizers set in the same container when in use, respectively is equipped with a separate power supply, not with a single power supply connection multiple atomizers use, and pay attention to the shell of the atomizer communicated each other, to thereby generate electrical corrosion.

6. Atomizer fog must use fan forced discharge, planar space and each nebulizer retained 350CM2, so as to avoid water temperature too high shorten the lifespan of the atomizer.

7.The atomizer is not suitable for the atomization of corrosive liquid, so as to avoid damage to the metal shell and atomizer atomizing sheet.

8. the installation process please don't damage the water level sensing switch, water level switch to avoid failures caused by uncontrolled atomizer.

The water level switch is damaged should be stopped, otherwise there will be a piece of dry burning so as to further damage the atomizing atomizer. At this time need to be repaired by professional maintenance personnel to use. Product warranty:

1 the product warranty period is one year. Normal use within a year if the failure can be returned to the original factory warranty, non normal use of the failure, can be carried out with a taste warranty, depending on the circumstances.

2 the following circumstances, does not belong to the scope of our quality assurance. According to the contents of the store - installation use and maintenance of the fault. The product is without dismantling repair, modification or additional parts. The loss (such as atomization etc.) is not within the scope of warranty.


1.The atomizing capacity is related to the power supply voltage, power supply current, water temperature, water quality, water level and air flow. The fog size is based on test data obtained from our standard test environment.
2.Water level is the vertical distance from the surface of the shell to the surface of the water.
3.The atomizer with working voltage working current will be increased slightly, slightly with increasing temperature.
4.Water quality will affect the identification of water shortage protective switches, and recommend the use of clean tap water.
5.Generally, the conductivity of clean tap water is 120-250 US/CM, the conductivity of pure water is 5-15US/CM, and the specific conductivity is determined by the local water quality.
6.Pay attention to the water quality can not be corrosive, easy to rot the shell; water can not contain alkaline, oily substances, will reduce the amount of fog products.
7.The product cannot be connected to the ground when it is installed (because the product shell itself has positive electricity)





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1.7mhz 230W Stainless Steel Fogger Ultrasonic Aquarium Mist Maker








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