1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning



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1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning
1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning
1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning
1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning
1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning
1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning
1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning

1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning

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1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning


1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning


Specification details:
Ultrasonic transducer box size (mm): 450*350*100(LXWXH)
Housing material: SUS316L
Surface finishing: Hard-Cr plating treatment
Ultrasonic frequency: 28KHZ/40KHZ
Ultrasonic transducers: 20PCS
Ultrasonic power: 1000W
Electronic generator: Ultrasonic generator work separately control transducers
Power supply: AC 110V/220V or 220/240V,


Can be customized according to customer size.


 The ultrasonic vibration plate is also called an ultrasonic vibration box or an ultrasonic cleaning box, and is an ultrasonic cleaning device which is formed by bonding an ultrasonic vibrator to a stainless steel case and an ultrasonic generator. It is usually placed in various cleaning tanks for ultrasonic cleaning purposes. The size of the vibration plate and the direction of the lead tube can be made into the bottom vibration type, the side vibration type and the top vibration type according to the installation position, and the effect of thorough cleaning can be achieved by using different requirements. Suitable for electronic parts, electroplating hardware, auto parts, optical lenses, jewelry, glassware, filter cores, spinnerets, medical equipment, etc.


The application principle of the ultrasonic vibration plate is that the high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator is converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and propagated to the medium. The ultrasonic wave in the cleaning solvent is radiated forward and densely in the cleaning solution. Thousands of tiny bubbles are generated by the flow of liquid. The tiny bubbles (cavitation nuclei) existing in the liquid vibrate under the action of the sound field. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble rapidly grows, and then suddenly closes. Shock waves are generated at times, and thousands of atmospheric pressures are generated around it, destroying insoluble dirt and dispersing them in the cleaning solution. When the group particles are wrapped in oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning part, the oil is emulsified, and the solid particles are Detachment, so as to achieve the purpose of surface cleaning.


When the part size or configuration requires a special-sized ultrasonic cleaning tank, we employ Immersible Transducers With Generator. A Immersible Transducers is a hermetically sealed stainless steel container/ Box, which contains number of transducer elements. These transducers offer the major advantage of versatility in system design. The custom cleaning tank can be nearly any size that is appropriate to the application, and the transducers can be mounted so that the ultrasonic energy is directed and concentrated where it is needed most. In many cases, our customers already have an existing tank, which they wish to convert into an ultrasonic aqueous cleaning.



Original BLT type transducer
SUS stainless steel housing Hard-Cr plating Treatment
Adaptable for continuous operation
Adjustable ultrasonic power
With separate control ultrasonic electronic generator
User-friendly operation
Custom made is available
Transducer pack: Range[6PCS~36PCS per box]- Transducer box size can be custom made
Ultrasonic power: Range[300W~10000W]
Ultrasonic frequency: 25KHZ/28KHZ/40KHZ


1. Use high-strength imported glue and fix the ultrasonic transducer with welding screw to prevent leakage and dampness.
2. Vibrating plate is made of high-quality imported SUS316 2.5mm stainless steel plate. Vibrating surface is made of SUS316L.2.5mm stainless steel with hard chromium plating. Power connection line is protected by SUS304*2M stainless steel soft nozzle. Titanium alloys are used for strong acidic liquid solvents. Overall acid and alkali resistance, beautiful and durable.
3. Using advanced welding technology, laser welding, professional Japanese technicians welding vibration plate
4. One set of free spare parts can be purchased for 30 sets of products of the same specifications at a time.
5. Vibrating plate has no heat, no leakage, low noise, no whistle and low power attenuation.
6. A complete set of schemes can be made according to the specific conditions of customers.
7. Explosion-proof flakes, explosion-proof design, special sensors installed in the vibration plate can detect the changes in the internal environment of the vibration plate and timely feedback to the generator to avoid accidents.
8. Under proper operating conditions, non-man-made damage can be replaced within one year, and the oscillator will not attenuate within two years.

The input type ultrasonic shock plate device consists of shock plate and ultrasonic generator. When the trough type ultrasonic cleaner is not suitable for a specific working environment, the input type shock plate device can be used. For example, in the existing equipment, there is a common cleaning tank, you can add shock plate device, refitted into an ultrasonic cleaning machine. All stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistance, beautiful and durable. The split structure is adopted, and the high frequency connection with socket between the shock plate and the ultrasonic generator is adopted, which is convenient to use and maintain. The installation and layout are flexible, and can be made into three types: bottom shock type, side shock type and top shock type according to different needs to meet various cleaning requirements.
Scope of application: cleaning electroplated parts before plating, clocks and watches, hardware and machinery parts, polyester filter core, semiconductor silicon, tools, lenses, spectacle frames, jewelry, glassware

Applied areas of electroplating industry: grease, polishing wax and dirt removal.
Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine extraction, bottle cleaning. Optical industry: lens, prism, lens, frame, liquid crystal glass, etc. before and after coating or assembly cleaning.

Machinery industry: oil pump nozzle, engine parts, steam and friction parts, compressor parts, sewing machine parts, metal stamping parts cleaning.
Hardware industry: hardware tools, garden tools, medical equipment cleaning. Other industries: ceramics, tableware, lamps, accessories, crystal, metal pipe cleaning. This product is made of imported high quality stainless steel. The radiant surface of vibration plate has been specially treated, and its service life has been prolonged by more than 50%. It is easy to install, and can be installed at the bottom of the groove to radiate the ultrasonic wave upward, or on the side of the groove or on the liquid surface to emit the ultrasonic wave downward. The specific installation method should be determined according to the shape of the workpiece and the cleaning requirements. The ultrasonic power and the size of the vibration box should be determined according to the volume of the cleaning tank. The general power density should be between 8 and 15KW/m.
Machinery and equipment cleaning advantages:
Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and uniform cleanliness of all workpieces
_Cleaning speed is fast and production efficiency is improved
_No need to touch the cleaning fluid by hand, and clean the deep holes, slits and hidden parts safely and reliably.
_No damage to workpiece surface
_Save solvents, heat, workplaces and manpower, etc.





Type Description 
A.Mounting to tank wall with threaded duct nipple and fastening bracket. Cable through the tank wall.

B.Mounting to tank wall with threaded duct nipple and fixing nipple. Cable through the tank wall.

C.Mounting to tank wall with hanging hooks. Rigid stainless steel tube for cable over the tank top.

D.Mounting to tank wall with hanging hooks. Flexible metal armoured 1 m hose for cable over the tank top.

E.Mounting to tank bottom. Rigid stainless steel tube for cable through the tank wall.

F.Mounting to tank bottom. Rigid stainless steel tube for cable over the tank top.

G.Mounting to tank bottom. Flexible metal armoured 0,5 m hose for cable through the tank wall. 

H. Mounting to tank bottom. Flexible metal armoured 1,5 m hose for cable over the tank top.

X.Non-standard mounting




Frequency (Khz)


Ultrasonic Transducer



















































Above are single frequency ultrasonic immersible transducer pack OEM Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer Pack(Size, Frequency,Power) 


Multi pack.JPG










1.JPG2.JPG8.jpg 9.JPG



1000W submersible ultrasonic generator and transducer for Circuit Board Cleaning





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