100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer



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100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer
100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer
100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer
100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer
100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer
100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer
100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer

100w Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer

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100w  Ultrasonic Algae removal transducer 

ultrasonic algal transducer has the function of degradation of organic pollutants and algae and algae inhibition, its main mechanism is that water produces "cavitation effect" under the action of ultrasonic radiation. Water has undergone a series of dynamic cycle processes, such as alternating oscillations, dilatation, compression and collapse under the "cavitation effect", producing instantaneous and microcosmic. High temperature (> 5000K) and high pressure (> 5 * 107 Pa) form a hot spot (Hotopot). After a few microseconds, the hot spots are cooled instantaneously, with a strong shock wave and a micro jet that reaches 100m/s, which creates an extreme physical environment for organic and algae. The O-H bond of water is broken and hydrogen peroxide is generated, which opens up a chemical reaction channel, increases the chemical reaction speed, and degrades the pollutants in the water under the action of high temperature, high pressure and hydroxyl radical. The ultrasonic wave action on water body, the resonance effect of the algae, and the water passing through the specially designed ultrasonic transducer of the submerged water body to the water at a specific frequency. Water is a good conductor of sound waves. This high frequency wave is spread in water. It has little attenuation and can be worn far away. For example, the effective emission radius of a 220V80W ultrasonic device is 100 ~ 180m, and the effective emission angle is 180 degrees. Algal cells produce resonance under the specific frequency of ultrasound, which causes the cell membrane to crack, and the algae decay and disappear. At the same time, ultrasonic technology can also handle many kinds of bacteria, viruses and all fungi. Many hydroxyl radicals produced by ultrasonic wave can degrade algae secreted by algae, and do not cause two pollution, and have no toxic effects on other aquatic organisms and human beings.


price include 1 generator and 1 transducer



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