1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production



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1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production
1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production
1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production
1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production
1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production
1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production
1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production

1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production

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1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production


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Ultrasonic vibrating rods are mainly used for cleaning the inner walls of various tube and tube structure containers such as on-line ultrasonic antiscaling of boilers, ultrasonic cleaning of vacuum / pressure occasions, cleaning of inner walls of metal pipes, and high-power sonochemical processing fields such as Chinese medicine extraction and separation, synthesis and Degradation, biodiesel production, treatment of microorganisms, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, biodegradation treatment, biological cell crushing, dispersion and aggregation, etc.


Ultrasonic vibration rods are widely used in the fields of ultrasonic homogeneity, dispersion, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic cell pulverization, ultrasonic extraction and separation, ultrasonic exhaust, and accelerated chemical reactions in liquid-liquid and liquid-solid substances.


1) Fuel: emulsified with water in fuel oil to save fuel and reduce exhaust pollution.


2) Food: milk is added with sugar emulsification, ghee emulsification to make high-grade lactose, and the dispersion of raw materials during sauce manufacturing.


3) Cosmetics: Emulsification of wax and paraffin, dispersion of fine particles of oils such as detergents, shampoos and lotions.


4) Lubricant: Emulsification of rolling oil, manufacturing of emulsion used for cooling and lubrication of metal plates during rolling.


5) Coatings: Emulsification of waterproofing coating agent for packaging, emulsification of polyethylene in water, emulsification of waterproofing agent, emulsification of resin processing fluid for fishing nets.


6) Chemical industry: Accelerate chemical reaction speed, dispersion of fluorescent materials and photosensitive materials.


7) Medicine: Extraction of effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine.


8) Environmental protection: sewage treatment.


Chinese medicine extraction: It refers to the ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicine cells by crushing (breaking) to achieve efficient extraction of useful substances. Compared with conventional extraction technology, ultrasonic-assisted extraction is fast, cheap, efficient, safe, low cost, and widely applicable.


Biodiesel production: The use of ultrasonic emulsification to prepare a bio-oil-diesel mixed emulsion is actually to disperse the bio-oil droplets into another diesel liquid that is immiscible with it. Compared with other technologies, it can make the prepared droplets have fine dispersion and narrow distribution, high efficiency, good dispersion effect, and can increase the stability of the emulsion.


Ultrasonic prevention of sea life: It is based on the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves. When the tiny bubble nuclei in the liquid are activated under the action of ultrasonic waves, they appear as a series of dynamic processes such as bubble oscillation, growth, contraction and collapse. The air bubbles in the liquid produce more than a few hundred atmospheres and a high temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius at the moment of rupture, which can make the sea creatures' attachments quickly peel off and break the epidermal cells of the sea creatures, thereby achieving the purpose of sea creature prevention.


Ultrasonic catalysis: The application of ultrasound to the catalytic reaction process can simulate the high temperature and high pressure reaction in the reactor on a microscopic scale, and provides a very special physical and chemical environment for catalytic reactions that are difficult or impossible to achieve under ordinary conditions. The catalytic reaction can be performed in a milder environment. It can further increase the reaction speed, shorten the reaction time, and increase the yield of the target product. The main applications are catalysis on metal surfaces, phase transfer catalysis, and enzyme catalysis.




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 1500W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Microwave Extraction For Industrial Production





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