1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling



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1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling
1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling
1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling
1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling
1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling
1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling
1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling

1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling

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Place of Origin CN;GUA
Type ARS-HLCSB-1500 for US equipment
Application used in biodiesel refining,mixed,chemical mixed,food
Ultrasound Output(W) 1000W for US equipment
Diameter (mm) 50-55 for US equipment
Frequency (Khz) 20khz for US equipment of ultrasonic cleaner
Feature speed up the reaction to save much time for Ultrasonic tube reactor
Product name US equipment of ultrasonic cleaner
Static Capacity (pF±10%) 68000 for US equipment
Total Length (mm) 850 for US equipment
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1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling


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The ultrasonic vibrating rod is mainly composed of an ultrasonic transducer, an ultrasonic horn, an ultrasonic tool head, and an ultrasonic driving power source. Compared with the traditional ultrasonic vibration plate, it has the characteristics of wider application range and longer service life. In industrial applications, the use of ultrasonic vibration rods for dispersion, extraction, cleaning, chemical reactions, water treatment, etc. is a very mature and widely used technology.

Extremely flexible

Performance characteristics:

1. Suitable for various high-power industrial-grade liquid treatments, such as homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, depolymerization and wet milling (reduced particle size), cell disruption and disintegration, extraction, degassing, and sonochemical processes;

2. 24-hour continuous work under heavy load, industrial-grade design, remote control by external PLC, automatic frequency search and matching;



Application of ultrasonic vibration rod in cleaning

Due to the unique design of the round tube, the ultrasonic vibrating rod is particularly suitable for cleaning various types of pipes. The principle is to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic energy and transfer it to scales, water, and the inner wall of the pipe according to its own rules, making it very large. energy of. The oscillating wave generated during the transmission of ultrasonic waves causes the scale, water, and the inner wall of the pipe to resonate. Due to the different oscillation frequencies of the scale, water, and the inner wall of the pipe, water molecules in the pipe collide fiercely, generating a strong impact force and impacting the heat transfer surface The upper scale layer makes it crispy, peeled, peeled off, crushed, and discharged together with the sewage of the equipment, thereby achieving the thorough cleaning of the inner wall of the pipe by the ultrasonic vibrating rod. In addition, the ultrasonic vibrating rod can also be used for cleaning the tank. It can be freely placed in any position of the cleaning tank. It is very flexible and convenient to use, and it takes up a small volume of space, leaving no dead angle for cleaning.

Application of Ultrasonic Vibrating Rod in Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction

The ultrasonic wave rod can be used to extract the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine. First add the extraction solvent into the container, crush or cut the Chinese medicinal materials into granules as needed, and put it into the extraction solvent; turn on the ultrasonic generator, install the ultrasonic vibration rod on the top of the extraction tank, and send ultrasonic waves to the extraction solvent. The 'cavitation effect' and mechanical effects generated in the extraction solvent can effectively break the cell wall of the medicinal materials on the one hand, make the active ingredients in a free state and dissolve into the extraction solvent, and on the other hand, accelerate the molecular movement of the extraction solvent, making the extraction solvent Quick contact with the active ingredients in the medicinal materials, melting and mixing with each other.


US equipment





Total Length




Static Capacity








































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 1500W Homogenizer Ultrasonic Disrupter For Liquid Handling




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