1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment



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1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment
1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment
1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment
1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment
1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment
1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment
1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment

1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment

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1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment



Impedance analyzer

The impedance analyzer is mainly applicable to the measurement of impedance characteristics of various ultrasonic devices, including: piezoelectric ceramics, transducers, ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, hydroacoustics, magnetostrictive materials, ultrasonic pulverizers, and ultrasonic atomization. , Ultrasonic teeth cleaning, reversing radar, ultrasonic ranging, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic descaling, ultrasonic motors and all other equipment using ultrasound. The characteristics of the impedance analyzer are: easy to use, combination of indicators and graphics, accurate parameters, low price, and strong guidance for production.


The impedance measurement of a piezoelectric device is a prerequisite for the correct use of the device. For a piezoelectric device, its main parameters can be obtained through an impedance analyzer, including: resonance frequency Fs, anti-resonance frequency Fp, half power points F1 and F2, maximum admittance Gmax, static capacitance C0, dynamic reactance R1, dynamic capacitance C1, Dynamic inductance L1, free capacitance CT, free dielectric constant, mechanical quality factor Qm, electromechanical coupling coefficients Keff, Kp, K31, K33, etc., and can draw five kinds of characteristic curves (admittance characteristic diagram, impedance characteristic diagram) of piezoelectric devices , Admittance polar diagram, impedance polar diagram, logarithmic diagram).


The software specially designed for ultrasound applications makes it more convenient and simpler to use than imported instruments in the application. It does not require professional operations and can calculate more parameters.

Users can store and print any graphics, and can save the parameters as a computer Excel table, which greatly improves the convenience of users. Users can also customize the qualification conditions themselves, and the software can automatically determine the qualification.


ypeMeasuring FrequencyBasic AccuracyMeasuring ProductFeature
ARS-ZKFXY5001KHz-500KHz<0.1%ultrasonic transducer,piezoelectric ceramicdisplay
ARS-ZKFXY10001KHz-1MHz<0.1%ultrasonic transducer,piezoelectric ceramicdisplay
ARS-ZKFXY30001KHz-3MHz<0.1%ultrasonic transducer,piezoelectric ceramicdisplay






This instrument can provide the following coordinate characteristic diagram. 

the admittance circle diagram GBF coordinate curve: Left curve: horizontal ordinate--admittance circle real part G, vertical coordinate--admittance circle imaginary part B. Right curve: Red--admittance circle real part G, blue--admittance circle imaginary part B. vertical coordinate--frequency




Impedance coordinate RXF coordinate curve: Left curve: horizontal ordinate --impedance real part R, vertical coordinate-- impedance imaginary part X Right curve:Red--impedance real part R, Blue--impedance imaginary part, vertical coordinate--frequency 






The system provides a dozen parameters, the average user is commonly used the following parameters:
Fs: mechanical resonant frequency, that is the operating frequency of the vibration system, the design should be as close to the expected value, and must match the power supply point.
R1: dynamic resistance, the piezoelectric vibrator series branch resistor, the internal resistance of the device is, the greater the resistance, the higher the power loss of energy.
Qm: mechanical quality factor, Qm, the higher electro-acoustic transducer conversion efficiency, but also the more narrow bandwidth transducer, generally moderate better.
CT: freedom capacitors, piezoelectric device capacitance value at 1kHz frequency, this value is subtracted dynamic capacitance C1 can get real capacitance C0.
Fp: anti-resonance frequency, the piezoelectric oscillator resonant frequency of parallel branches.
Measurement graph as follows: due between the start and stop frequencies did not contain the anti-resonant frequency of the device.
Workaround: terminate an appropriate increase in frequency.









1KHz~5MHz Ultrasonic Impedance Analysis Equipment











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