200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts



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200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts
200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts
200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts
200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts
200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts
200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts
200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts

200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts

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The company mainly produces ultrasonic equipment, ultrasonic accessories, ultrasonic cleaner, non-standard ultrasound, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic vibration plate, etc. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. With integrity, strength, product quality and high quality service, it has been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company, guidance and business negotiation.
Ultrasound cleaning is precisely through the transducer generated by the ultrasonic vibration, cavitation effect in the water produced by the instantaneous high-pressure cavitation, impact the cleaned object and achieve good cleaning effect.
Ultrasound cleaning transducer is a kind of medium power transducer which works continuously. Usually, the average value of continuous work is used to calculate and constant its power.
Ultrasonic transducers are piezoelectric ceramics that resonate at ultrasonic frequencies. The piezoelectric effect of the material converts electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. The working principle of medical ultrasonic transducers (ultrasound probes) is basically the same, and its interior usually contains an electrical energy storage element and a mechanical vibration system. When the transducer is used as a transmitter, the electric oscillation signal sent from the excitation power supply will cause the electric field or magnetic field in the electric energy storage element of the transducer to change. This change affects the mechanical vibration system of the transducer through a certain effect. A driving force is generated to enter the vibration state, thereby driving the medium in contact with the mechanical vibration system of the transducer to vibrate and radiate sound waves into the medium. The process of receiving sound waves is just the opposite. The external sound waves act on the vibrating surface of the transducer, which causes the mechanical vibration system of the transducer to vibrate. With the help of a certain physical effect, it causes the electric field or electric field in the energy storage element of the transducer. The magnetic field changes accordingly, causing the electrical output of the transducer to generate a voltage and current corresponding to the acoustic signal.
Introduction to Ultrasonic Transducers
Ultrasonic vibrator, also called ultrasonic vibrator, ultrasonic vibrator, is a kind of ultrasonic transducer and the core component of ultrasonic cleaning machine. We call the whole of ultrasonic transducer and horn connected as vibrator. Ultrasonic transducer is one of the important components in the ultrasonic cleaning machine and ultrasonic vibration plate, which largely determines the quality of the ultrasonic effect.
Our company provides professional ultrasonic transducers with stable quality, high efficiency output and moderate price based on many years of ultrasonic cleaning experience, combined with the opinions and feedback of users.
Ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts high-frequency electric energy into mechanical vibration. The high-frequency electric energy input by the ultrasonic generator is matched with the piezoelectric ceramic sheet of the resonance frequency of the ultrasonic transducer. The electric energy is converted by the piezoelectric effect of the material. Converted into mechanical vibration, that is, ultrasonic vibration, is transmitted to the water medium through the ultrasonic transducer, forming negative pressure bubbles and shock waves in the water, and transmitted in the tax-based solution to achieve the effect of cleaning the surface of the workpiece. The transducer is mainly composed of aluminum block, piezoelectric ceramic sheet and insulating layer.
28KHZ/40KHZ/25KHZ/68KHZ/80KHZ/120KHZ/200KHZ and other ultrasonic vibrators (ultrasonic transducers) are widely used in the electronics industry, machinery industry, automotive, electroplating, chemical fiber,
Optical, bearing and other industries. Such as cleaning magnetic cores, oil nozzles, auto parts, electroplating hardware tools, chemical fiber spinnerets, optical lenses, bearings, tools, tableware, medical equipment, precision hardware, watch parts, gold and silver jewelry, electronic components. This frequency has strong vibration and uniform density, which can quickly achieve the purpose of degreasing, sodium removal, decontamination and descaling. In addition, it can also be used in chemical experiments to achieve catalysis, stirring, and rapid generator chemical reactions.

The ultrasonic vibrator produced by our company is a piezoelectric ceramic conversion device that converts high-frequency sinusoidal voltage signals into high-frequency mechanical vibration signals, which are installed on the bottom or side walls of the cleaning tank, and are transmitted through the tank and act on the cleaning medium. The vibration signal of the vibrator is converted into a cavitation effect, and the attachment of the object is quickly peeled off to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
The characteristics of the ultrasonic vibrators produced by the company include low heat generation, good thermal stability, low resonance impedance, good consistency between frequency and static capacitance, and complete and smooth waveforms of frequency and impedance.
Ultrasonic vibrators have multiple resonance points. Using the second and third resonance points of the vibrator, we have developed dual-frequency ultrasonic vibrators and three-frequency ultrasonic vibrators, which are effective in ultrasonic cleaning machines. The company can customize them according to your needs. Various types of ultrasonic vibrators can achieve a higher level of cleaning effect.

1. Low heat
2. Good thermal stability
3. Frequency and static capacitance consistency strong.
4. Resonance impedance is low.
5. The average length of life.
6. It can be widely used in a variety of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
7. High performance: mechanical Q value, high vibration efficiency, high amplitude
Technical support: All our products adopt advanced technology, produce product with advanced system, all worker are experienced and skillful.


Principle of ultrasonic vibrator arrangement:
(1) Cleaning different product layouts have different requirements, such as the degree of oil staining of the product, the difficulty of cleaning, the level of cleaning requirements, and the design of the cleaning process, all require targeted selection.
(2) The arrangement of the vibrators is not as dense as possible, and the right one is the best.
3. Introduction to ultrasonic vibrator:
The ultrasonic vibrator, also called the ultrasonic vibrating head, is an ultrasonic transducer and is a core component of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Industry standard name: Ultrasonic transducer, which belongs to piezoelectric ceramic material and one of the main accessories of ultrasonic cleaning machine. From the power point, a single ultrasonic head is 60W, 100W. The frequencies are: 20KHZ, 25KHZ, 28KHZ, 40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 100KHZ, or higher; the difference in shape is: straight cylindrical shape, horn shape, and the like.

Specification List 
ModelFrequency  CapacitanceResonance Impedance   Size Power Insulation resistance
(KHz)(pF)(Ω) Radiation head*Height (mm)(W)(2500VDC)
ARS-4QXHNQ-28K50WN28 ±0.54000±10%≤20Ω45*7950w≥100MΩ
ARS-4QXHNQ-40K50W40 ±1.04000±10%≤20Ω45*5550w≥100MΩ
ARS-4QXHNQ-40K50WN40 ±1.04000±10%≤20Ω45*5350w≥100MΩ
ARS-8QXHNQ-40K50WN40 ±1.03250±10%≤20Ω45*5350w≥100MΩ
Screw hole size (diameter * pitch * depth)M10*1.0*10










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200KHZ High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Power Transducers For Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Parts







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