20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For inner ear masks



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20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks
20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks
20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks
20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks
20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks
20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks
20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks

20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For inner ear masks

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  • Product size52 x 48 x 30 m
    Product weight18 kg
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Quick Details
Warranty 1 Year
Place of Origin CN
Usage Plastic Welding
Frequency (Khz) 20KHZ
generator Voltage: 110V or 220V
Welding Area Depend
Product name Ultrasonic welding generator
Application: plastic welding
Keyword welding machine
place for orgin: Shenzhen China
After Warranty Service Video technical support
Local Service Location none
Showroom Location none
After-sales Service Provided Video technical support
Applicable Industries Hotels
Weight (KG) 18 KG
Power (kW) 2000W

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Selling Units:
Single package size:
52 x 48 x 30 m
Single gross weight:
18 kg

20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks


The special ultrasonic mechanism of mask machine is mainly used for the welding ear band or welding edge of the mask machine. The frequency is 15-20K and the power is 2KW or 2600W. The steel mold can be customized according to the requirements of the mask machine. The welding is firm and beautiful, and the speed is fast. The ultrasonic model is a computer to automatically track the frequency. Before work, please check carefully whether the frequency of the mold and the transducer is within the frequency range automatically tracked by this model. If it is out of range, the machine will lose frequency protection.

The principle of ultrasonic mask machine welding mainly uses ultrasonic technology to transmit ultrasonic energy to the welding zone through the upper welding piece. Due to the large acoustic resistance at the welding interface, which is the interface between the two weldings, local high temperatures will occur. In addition, due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, nylon, chemical fibers, non-woven fabrics, multi-layered fabrics, and gold fabrics, they cannot be distributed in time and gather in the welding zone, causing the two contact surfaces to melt rapidly. After applying a certain pressure, Fusion into one. When the ultrasonic wave stops functioning, the pressure is continued, and the pressure is maintained for a while to solidify and form. This forms a strong molecular chain to achieve the purpose of welding. The welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material. This is what many manufacturers need to use. NVC ultrasonic welding and welding masks have the advantages of fast, clean, safe, stable performance, high output, etc., and make the wearer's ears comfortable, no pressure, good filtering effect of mask filter cloth layer, and perfectly fit the face of Asians, It is very suitable for the current personal protective masks for epidemic situations, high-pollution red zone protective masks, and can be applied to high-polluting industries such as construction and mining.

Ultrasonic mask body machine, also known as mask filming machine, is a machine for the automated production of multi-layer flat mask finished products. It can use 1 to 4 layers of PP spunbond non-woven activated carbon and filter materials. The entire machine is imported from raw materials. It is expected that the nose line is inserted, edge sealed, and the finished product is a line of automated operations. Depending on the raw materials used, it can reach different standards such as N95, FFP2 and so on. Lijin The flat mask production equipment has stable performance, high output, low defect rate and easy operation. The mask body machine plus several inner ear mask machines, outer ear mask machines, strap mask machines or ear spot welding machines can produce various types of masks such as inner ear masks, outer ear masks, band masks and so on.

When most mask machine manufacturers use aluminum alloys, Lijin mask machines have provided and actively advocated customers to use titanium alloy molds, because it is easy to oxidize and burst compared to aluminum alloys, and is not suitable for long-term operation and use of goods. Shortcomings such as short life, the advantages of titanium alloys are obvious:
A. Good toughness, suitable for long-term vibration;
B. Strong thermal / ultrasonic conductivity, which ensures the welding and cutting effect of the product is beautiful;
C. High hardness, not easy to crack, deform and rust;
D. Although its cost is about ten times that of aluminum alloy, from the perspective of overall production efficiency, the choice of titanium alloy mold is significantly better than aluminum alloy.
2. Imported ultrasonic transducer, 20K international frequency standard, output is more powerful and stable; coupled with two sets of ultrasonic system, effectively guarantee the welding quality of the product.
3.PLC program controls the whole machine to reduce the operation difficulty for users.

Ultrasonic welding method for automatic inner ear mask machine. When the protective mask is moved to the production and processing part, the ultrasonic wave is automatically created, and the micro-vibration and high-frequency vibration are generated in the ear. The price of the cup-type mask machine is instantaneous. It is converted into heat and melts the raw materials required for production and processing, and finally the ear band is stuck or embedded in the protective mask itself. It is the final production and processing process for the manufacture of inner ear protective masks. The protective mask itself is placed in the protective mask plate piece by piece, and the posture is afterwards to the finished product for full automatic actual operation by machinery and equipment

The company is a professional company integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sales service. The company has a strong R & D team with super R & D capabilities. The company produces ultrasonic racks, ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic vibrators, The core components such as energy-saving devices, horns and molds are all independently developed and produced by our company, with complete specifications and models, reliable after-sales service, and free consultation and technical support. Companies adhering to the purpose of **, reasonable prices, service-oriented, to provide you with comprehensive and thoughtful system services.

A manufacturer specializing in the production of ultrasonic welding generators. The company has introduced advanced foreign technology and developed a series of ultrasonic generators and ultrasonic power supplies. The series of ultrasonic generators are widely used in ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic nozzle removal, mask welding, non-woven seam welding, punching, seam welding of plastic films, punching and slitting of nylon webbing, etc. Medical and health care, mask machines, furniture life, clothing and textile production fields have been widely used.
  The ultrasonic generator adopts the latest digital circuit design, which can automatically identify the frequency of ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic molds. No frequency adjustment is required when changing molds. The ultrasonic vibration state is monitored at all times and corresponding adjustments are made. The long-term work is stable and reliable.





Frequency (KHz)









































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20KHZ 2000W Melt blown fabric masks Ultrasonic Welding generator For  inner ear masks





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