20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction



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20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction
20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction
20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction
20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction
20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction
20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction
20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction

20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction

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    MOQ1 Set
  • Size 65 x 55 x 40 m
    Weight45 kg
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Quick Details
Place of Origin CN;GUA
Type ARS-HLCSB-1500 for US equipment
Application used in biodiesel refining,mixed,chemical mixed,food
Ultrasound Output(W) 1500W for US equipment
Diameter (mm) 50-55 for US equipment
Frequency (Khz) 20khz for US equipment of ultrasonic cleaner
Feature speed up the reaction to save much time for Ultrasonic tube reactor
Product name US equipment of ultrasonic cleaner
Static Capacity (pF±10%) 68000 for US equipment
Total Length (mm) 850 for US equipment
Applicable Industries Hotels

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Selling Units:
Single package size:
65 x 55 x 40 m
Single gross weight:
45 kg

20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction


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The powerful ultrasonic chemical processing equipment is based on our company's unique full-band high-power piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer and the third-generation digital ultrasonic generator to support continuous wave generation for 24 hours. Our processing equipment has 2KW / 3KW / 6KW suitable for high pressure, high temperature, Various operating conditions such as explosion-proof, this set of ultrasound can not be surpassed by any company at home and abroad.

product structure:

The ultrasonic chemical equipment includes an ultrasonic generator, a high-power ultrasonic transducer, and an ultrasonic tool head.

Ultrasonic generator: The third closed-loop ultrasonic generator with digital circuit uses a DSP chip and a D / A converter and uses direct digital frequency synthesis technology to design and implement a sinusoidal signal generator with controllable frequency and phase. The digital system controls its output power, amplitude and energy by its frequency setting, tracking compensation, amplitude setting, amplified matching output, and signal detection and analysis.



Principle of ultrasonic vibrating rod: Ultrasonic technology is mainly used as a physical means and tool, which can form a series of conditions close to extreme criticality when generating chemical reactions. This kind of energy can not only stimulate chemical reactions, accelerate chemical reaction speed, efficiency, and even It is also possible to change the nature of certain chemical reactions, etc., so that the original chemical composition produces some unexpected effects and functions. This is so-called sonochemistry. Almost all chemical reactions can use sonochemistry as physical aids, such as extraction and separation, synthesis, biodiesel production, treatment of microorganisms, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, biodegradation treatment, biological cell crushing, dispersion and aggregation, etc. . Therefore, the ultrasonic vibrating rod can not only be used to clean objects, peel off dirt from the surface of the objects, but also contribute to the further success of scientific research.

Working principle and function of ultrasonic vibrating rod

The following describes the three functions of the ultrasonic vibrator.

Ultrasound dispersion: The process of dispersing and de-aggregating particulate matter in liquids by using liquid as a medium through the"cavitation" of ultrasonic waves in liquids. Ultrasonic dispersion can be divided into emulsion dispersion, that is, liquid and liquid dispersion; and suspension dispersion, that is, solid and liquid dispersion. Its function has been practically applied and applied in many fields. Among them, the application of ultrasonic dispersion to suspensions, such as the dispersion of titanium oxide in water or solvents in the coatings and plastics industry, the dispersion of dyes in molten paraffin, the dispersion of pharmaceutical particles in the pharmaceutical industry, and powdered milk in the food industry. Agent dispersion and so on.

Ultrasonic extraction: Ultrasonic extraction is mainly based on the existence, polarity, and solubility of active ingredients and active ingredient groups in a substance. It is a new scientific process that uses ultrasonic vibration to perform extraction. Go to all corners of the surface of the solid substance, dissolve the organic components contained in the substance as completely as possible in the solvent to obtain a multi-component mixed extract, and then use appropriate separation methods to separate the chemical components in the extract. Then, it is refined and purified. After such a complete process, the final monomer chemical composition can be obtained.

Ultrasonic emulsification: Ultrasonic emulsification refers to the mixing of two (or more than two) immiscible liquids to form a dispersion system under the action of ultrasonic energy. One liquid is evenly distributed in the other liquid and then forms a milky liquid. crafting process. The physical mechanism for crushing insoluble solids (or liquids) is cavitation by ultrasound. The ultrasonic cavitation effect means that under the action of ultrasonic waves, a large number of air bubbles will be generated in the liquid. The small air bubbles will gradually increase with the ultrasonic vibration, and then suddenly burst and split. The tens of thousands of small air bubbles will increase repeatedly, Burst, when it collapses rapidly, high temperature and high pressure will be generated in the bubble, and because the liquid around the bubble rushes into the bubble at high speed, a strong local oscillation wave is generated in the liquid near the bubble, which also forms a local high temperature and high pressure, which results in Ultrasonic pulverization and emulsification.


US equipment





Total Length




Static Capacity








































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20kHZ 1500W Longer Life Ultrasonic Cleaner Extraction





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