25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating



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25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating
25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating
25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating
25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating
25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating
25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating
25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating

25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating

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25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating


The mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is to make use of the physical effects such as cavitation, radiation pressure and sound flow in the cleaning liquid. It can exfoliate the machinery produced by the dirt on the cleaning parts, and can also promote the chemical reaction between the cleaning liquid and the dirt, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the object. The frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be selected by 10~500 kHz according to the size and purpose of the cleaning material, generally more than 20~50 kHz. With the increase of the frequency of ultrasonic transducer, Langerhans oscillator, longitudinal oscillator and thickness oscillator can be used. In the miniaturization aspect, radial vibration and flexural vibration are also adopted. Ultrasonic cleaning has become more and more widely used in various industries, agriculture, household equipment, electronics, automobile, rubber, printing, aircraft, food, hospital and medical research.

Features of ultrasonic vibrator:
1. High performance: high mechanical Q value, high conversion efficiency and good quality;
2. Ultrasonic vibrator transducer has large amplitude and superior performance;
3. Heat resistance of ultrasonic vibrator transducer: Piezoelectric ceramic material has good heat resistance, can expand the temperature range of use, at the same time, the Q value is high, the resonance impedance is small, and the heat generation is small;
4. The appearance of the ultrasonic vibrator transducer is clean, free of rust, no obvious dents and scratches.

The ultrasonic vibrator should be placed in a dry place to prevent the ultrasonic vibrator from getting damp and affecting normal work. If the ultrasonic vibrator is damp, put it in an oven and set about 100 ℃ to dry for 2 hours or use a hair dryer to remove moisture until the resistance value is normal; the ultrasonic vibrator is degummed. After the ultrasonic vibrator is degummed, the output power of the ultrasonic power supply is normal, but due to the vibrator and vibration If the surface connection is not good, the vibrator will be burnt out if you work for a long time. The degumming of the ultrasonic vibrator generally requires a professional ultrasonic manufacturer to repair or replace it.
Maintenance of ultrasonic vibrator:
If you have not used it for more than a week, please cover it with a dust cover (plastic bag); Except that the lifting screw has received lubricating oil before leaving the factory, other parts do not need any lubricating agent; Regularly check the internal vibrator output line for wear; Please wipe the dust with a clean cloth. Dry compressed air should be used to blow away the dust in the machine every six months. It is strictly forbidden to use various fluxes when cleaning the side plate and surface of the welding machine. Neutral detergent should be used and lightly wiped; When the water filter cup reaches 13 water level, please drain the water; every month the welding machine is used, the sliding parts should be wiped clean and re-coated with high-quality lubricating grease; always pay attention to the safety of the machine position.

Ultrasonic vibrator installation process:
1. Preparation tools: Argon arc welding, No. 10 hexagon wrench, chromium iron tin wire, 2.5 square high temperature wire, 2*2.5 cable wire, vibrator glue, (wire stripper, casing, cable tie, sandblasting machine, Pipe fittings, etc.).
2. Welding screws: Calculate the arrangement of the vibrator, weld the screws at the cleaned position, and then clean the surrounding of the screw, be sure to make it flat, so as not to affect the installation of the vibrator.
3. Glue configuration: Squeeze the A glue around the screw, then squeeze the B glue next to the A glue, and then quickly mix the AB glue with a small iron rod to make it fully mixed.
4. Install the vibrating head: twist the transducer a little harder to squeeze out the air and excess glue between the bottom and the contact surface of the cylinder bottom, so that the vibrator is more tightly integrated with the stainless steel.
5. Curing and condensing: curing in a place with relatively high room temperature, 4-8 hours can be connected, 24 hours later, you can power on the test machine.
Note: 1. A metal nail machine can also replace argon arc welding.
2. The welding screws must be fully welded, otherwise they will fall off easily.
3. Regarding curing, temperature should be considered for the length of time. If the temperature is low, the time will be longer, and if the temperature is high, it will be faster. It is recommended to operate at room temperature.

Ultrasonic vibrator, also called ultrasonic vibrating head, ultrasonic vibrating head, is a kind of ultrasonic transducer and the core component of ultrasonic cleaning machine. Industry standard name: Ultrasonic transducer, belongs to piezoelectric ceramic material, one of the main accessories of ultrasonic cleaning machine. In terms of power, a single ultrasonic vibration head is 60W and 100W. The frequencies are: 20KHZ, 25KHZ, 28KHZ, 40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 100KHZ, or higher; the difference in shape is: straight cylindrical shape, horn shape, etc.

Principle of ultrasonic vibrator:
1. In the ultrasonic vibrator, piezoelectric elements and internal electrodes are alternately laminated, and have external electrodes that are connected to the internal electrodes;
This ultrasonic vibrator has: an internal electrode group, which is roughly divided into 4 parts along the second and third directions orthogonal to the lamination direction as the first direction; the first external electrode group and the second external electrode group are connected to the internal The electrode group is turned on; by applying an alternating voltage to the first external electrode group and the second external electrode group, the longitudinal vibration mode in which the main vibration occurs in the second direction and the main vibration in the third direction are simultaneously excited The bending vibration mode that occurs, resulting in ultrasonic elliptical vibration;
The ultrasonic vibrator is configured to have a conductive film for electrode connection, which is formed along a surface perpendicular to the lamination direction, and separates predetermined external electrodes of the first external electrode group and predetermined external electrodes of the second external electrode group. The external electrodes are electrically connected. The device that uses piezoelectric effect to convert between electrical energy and sound energy is called piezoelectric transducer. The ultrasonic transducer provided by our company uses self-produced high-quality piezoelectric ceramic components, carefully designed, processed, and tested. It is a bolt The tightening type can generate stable ultrasonic waves even when the load changes. It has the characteristics of large amplitude, high electro-acoustic conversion rate, low heat generation, high reliability and good consistency. 



Specification List 
ModelFrequency  Capacitance   Size Power
ARS-4QXHNQ-28K50WN28 ±0.54000±10%45*7950w
ARS-4QXHNQ-40K50W40 ±1.04000±10%45*5550w
ARS-4QXHNQ-40K50WN40 ±1.04000±10%45*5350w
ARS-8QXHNQ-40K50WN40 ±1.03250±10%45*5350w
Screw hole size (diameter * pitch * depth)M10*1.0*10















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25KHZ/40KHZ/80KHZ Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer For Cleaning Before Coating









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