28KHZ 300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning



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28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning
28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning
28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning
28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning
28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning
28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning
28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning

28KHZ 300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning

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  • Size 46 x 42 x 26 cm
    Weight15 kg
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Quick Details
Frequency 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz Frequency is adjustable
Place of Origin CN;GUA
Type Digital display for Ultrasonic cleaner generator
Usage Power supply for Ultrasonic cleaner generator
Color Blue for Ultrasonic cleaner generator
Product name Ultrasonic cleaner generator
Frequency tracking Automatic for Ultrasonic cleaner generator
Keyword Ultrasonic Sound Generator
Voltage 220-240v or 100-120v
OEM Accepted for Ultrasonic cleaner generator
After Warranty Service Video technical support
Local Service Location None
Showroom Location None
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Machinery Test Report Provided
Marketing Type Hot Product 2019
Applicable Industries Hotels
Power 600w for Ultrasonic cleaner generator

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Selling Units:
Single package size:
46 x 42 x 26 cm
Single gross weight:
15 kg

28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning

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Digital high-power multi-purpose ultrasonic power system, which is mainly composed of computer digital processing, broadband frequency point optional signal source, drive circuit, frequency automatic tracking, fast protection, impedance matching, display board and keyboard, etc. to form a friendly human-machine dialogue interface. It can drive up to 16 drive circuit boards (extension boards) with a maximum power of 32kW. When in use, it is connected to the ultrasonic transducer through the output transformer and inductance. The magnetic core size, winding parameters and turns ratio of the output transformer, as well as the magnetic core size and winding parameters of the inductance should be the same as the electrical parameters and connection methods of the ultrasonic transducer. Matching makes it highly versatile. This power system can be used as a power source for ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic emulsification equipment, ultrasonic extraction equipment, ultrasonic welding equipment, and ultrasonic wastewater treatment equipment.
The basic principle of the ultrasonic power supply and the composition of the prototype system. Aiming at the characteristics of fast response speed and high precision of the load requirements of the ultrasonic power supply, the control method of the ultrasonic power supply is researched. A frequency tracking control method based on TI's TMS520LF2407 DSP is adopted. The purpose of fast response speed and high precision was achieved, and an ultrasonic power supply based on this control method was developed. The output frequency range of the system is wide, the adaptability to the load is strong, and the working reliability is high.
As ultrasonic technology has achieved more and more in-depth applications in many industrial fields such as cleaning, welding, and crushing, the demand for a new generation of ultrasonic power supplies in the power supply market is becoming more and more urgent. This article is based on the analysis of traditional power ultrasonic power supplies. Combining direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS) technology, phase-shifted pulse width modulation (PS-PWM) technology, and soft switching technology of series resonant full-bridge inverters, a DSP chip TM320DSP2812 is designed as the control chip. Ultrasonic generator power supply. The main research content of this paper includes: In the inverter module, a full-bridge inverter circuit with IGBT as the switching device is designed, and the corresponding driving circuit is designed. In the matching circuit module, this article uses an improved matching circuit based on the analysis of the traditional matching circuit, which successfully meets the two requirements of the ultrasonic power supply for inductive matching and impedance transformation of the matching circuit. In terms of power adjustment, through the analysis and comparison of several representative power adjustment methods, and finally selected PS-PWM power adjustment as the power adjustment scheme of this design, it has no need to add a power adjustment circuit, and can be continuously The advantages of stage power adjustment, etc., and the combination of the scheme and soft switching circuit, effectively reduce the switching loss. In terms of frequency tracking, in view of the shortcomings of traditional phase-locking technology, a PI-DDS frequency tracking control method is proposed. This solution uses the rapidity of the digital PI controller and the accuracy of DDS technology to successfully achieve the rapid tracking of the ultrasonic power frequency. The performance and accuracy ensure that the power supply always works at the resonant frequency. In addition, this article also designed three protection circuits for ultrasonic power supply over current protection, over voltage protection and temperature protection, which provide a reliable guarantee for the stable operation of the power supply.

1) a new generation of computer chip, dual display frequency current, more powerful
2) using a pulse width control, more accurate and more stable output power adjustment.
3) The automatic adjustment and automatic frequency tracking, so that the tone machine more stable easier
4) enhanced circuit protection functions: over-temperature protection and over current protection, so that more reliable
5) the new circuit structure optimization design, the whole rational layout and maintenance more convenient and less costly.

electrical signals generated by the ultrasonic generator are higher than the 28KHZ audio signals, and are transformed into mechanical oscillations of the same frequency through the piezoelectric inverse effect of transducers.
The form of the audio longitudinal wave is radiated in the cleaning fluid. Due to the positive pressure and negative pressure alternating effects of the propagation of super audio longitudinal waves, there are numerous micro waves exceeding 1000 atmospheres.
The small bubbles are burst at any time, forming a slight partial high pressure bombardment on the surface of the cleaning material, so that the dirt on the surface and the crevice of the body is spalling quickly.
The"cavitation effect" characteristic of sound wave cleaning.
Working voltage: 220V 10% rated power 600W 900W 1200W 1500W 1800W 2400W 2700W

 Standard configuration features:
1. Timer
2. Frequency display and adjusting
3. Current Display
3. Power adjusting
4.remote control connector /PLC connecting
5.OutputPower plug
6.High-frequency connector or CE connector (US ,EU or standard type)

Digital ultrasonic generator selectable frequency 17khz,20khz,25KHZ, 28KHZ,33khz, 40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 130KHZ,200khz or higher frequency, single-frequency ultrasonic generator.

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All of machine are available for opening remote control function to connect with your own PLC system





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28KHZ  300W-3000W Digital Ultrasonic Washers Generator For Cleaning Industry Cleaning

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