30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer



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30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer
30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer
30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer
30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer
30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer
30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer
30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer

30khz dental cleaning Ultrasonic transducer

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30khz Ultrasonic transducer for dental scalers


Ultrasonic cleaning, high frequency and high energy vibration produced by ultrasonic wave through a smooth ultrasonic cleaning machine work head to the tooth surface of the tooth stone, tooth stains, and then through the water mist from the cleaning machine to wash the macadam and plaque, and also a clean, smooth, clean and white teeth, is a kind of efficient and sanitary. Convenient and comfortable tooth scaling methods are widely used in clinical practice.           


The mechanical vibration of ultrasonic wave can make water form a special ultrasonic bubble, use the powerful ultrasonic energy released at the moment of ultrasonic bubble burst, release the stubborn tooth stone, remove the teeth from the tooth and avoid the damage caused by the general mechanical vibration. The advantage is that ultrasonic energy can easily remove dental calculus and plaque from concealed teeth and gums.           


Bactericidal and antiseptic: using the internal heat produced by the powerful energy and warm effect of ultrasonic, it can remove the dirt and plaque in all parts of the mouth and teeth, and kill the bacteria, effectively prevent the invasion of the stubborn bacteria to the teeth, and achieve the purpose of sterilizing and disinfecting the tooth.  


Toothed teeth whitening teeth: because the ultrasonic tooth is different from the general external vibration and internal massage, it can remove dirt and dirt, and massage the teeth inside and outside, and this effect is not achieved by the general massage. Therefore, ultrasound has an unusual effect on tooth protection, health care and whitening.           


Repair the sick tooth: the micro massage produced by the ultrasonic mechanical action improves and improves the metabolism and regenerative ability of the new dental tissue, improves the state of the tooth growth, is good for the diseased teeth, and makes the sick teeth rehabilitate.           

Elimination of breath: the ultrasonic energy of ultrasonic bubbles can clean the mouth at the same time of cleaning and sterilizing the teeth, so as to clear the breath and make the breath clear.           

1. wave stability and good consistency           

2. low impedance and low dielectric loss           

3. ultra strong removal of surface stains from the teeth           

4. ultrasonic conversion rate high ultrasonic tooth cleaning


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