500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment



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500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment

500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment

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Quick Details
Frequency 20KHz Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
Power supply 500W Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
Place of Origin CN;GUA
Type Grain Processing Equipment
Application Ultrasonic Chinese Herbal Extractor
Brand Name OURS ultrasonic
Product name Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
Model 500W Ultrasonic Processor
Keyword Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment
Voltage 110V or 220V
After-sales Service Provided No overseas service provided
used Ultrasonic mixer/emulsification

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500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment


The ultrasonic herbal extraction equipment is composed of ultrasonic transducer (converter) with cover, booster, horn (sonotrode, probe) and generator. 
Ultrasonic extraction is the use of ultrasound (frequency20KHz) with the mechanical effect, cavitations effect and thermal effect, by increasing the movement velocity of the molecular medium, increasing media penetration in order to extract material (herbal medicine) active ingredient technology. 
1. Mechanical effects
Ultrasonic wave propagation in the medium can make the medium in the propagation space in particle vibration, thereby strengthening the medium of diffusion, mass transfer, that is ultrasonic mechanical effects.
Ultrasonic transmission: 
Ⅰ. Radiation pressure-- Organization cells deformation, plant protein denaturation. 
Ⅱ. Molecular friction--biological molecules depolymerization. 
2. Cavitations effects. 
Medium dissolved micro bubbles within the ultrasound's role in increasing the formation of the cavity, and then instantly closed, that is ultrasonic cavitations. 
3. Thermal effect 
Ultrasound in the dissemination process, the sound can continue to be absorbed by the media, and all or most of the energy into heat energy, causing the media itself, and herbs tissue temperature to promote dissolution of the active ingredient, which is the thermal effect of ultrasound.

Main advantage:
1. High extraction efficiency: 
the unique physical characteristics of ultrasound can induce plant cell tissue broken or deformed, so that extraction is more fully of herbal medicine active ingredients, the extraction rate increased significantly than traditional craft of 50 to 500%;

2. Short extraction time: 
Ultrasonic extraction of herbal medicine can usually in 24-40 minutes to get the best extraction rate, extraction time greatly reduce the 2 / 3 than traditional methods, medicinal raw materials large processing capacity;

3. Low extraction temperature: 
Ultrasonic extraction best temperature of herbal medicine is 0-60 °C, for the case of heat-labile, susceptible to hydrolysis or oxidation of the active ingredients in medicinal herbs has a protective effect, while significantly saving energy; extraction temperature 40 - 60 °C, to protect the active ingredient.

4. Wide Adaptability: 
Ultrasonic extraction of herbal medicines is not limit of component polarity and molecular size, suitable for extracting various herbs and components; 
5. Extract liquid little impurities, the active ingredient is easy to separate and purify; 
6. Extraction of low operating costs, overall economic efficiency significantly; 
7. Simple operation, easy to maintenance.  

 500W Ultrasonic Processor ,Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Equipment:


Power (w)

Output Amplitude

Available Converter




100ul~80ml    1%~99%




100ul~100ml  1%~99%




100ul~200ml   1%~99%




250ul~500ml   1%~99%




250ul~800ml   1%~99%









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