CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts



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CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts
CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts
CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts
CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts
CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts
CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts
CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts

CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts

  • Item No.ARS-MBJ2400W
    MOQ1 Set
  • Product size45 x 42 x 26 m
    Product weight11 kg
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Quick Details
Frequency 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,48khz ,Frequency is adjustable
Warranty 1Years for Ultrasound Generator PCB
Place of Origin CN;GUA
Application Ultrasonic Generator PCB for Ultrasonic Cleaner parts
Frequceny Adjustable for Ultrasound Generator PCB
Model Number ARS-MBJ2400W
Service One-stop service for Ultrasound Generator PCB
Namber of layer 1-layer for Ultrasound Generator PCB
Keyword Ultrasound Generator PCB
Voltage 110v or 220v for Ultrasound Generator PCB
After Warranty Service Video technical support
Local Service Location none
Showroom Location none
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Machinery Test Report Not Available
Marketing Type Hot Product 2019
Applicable Industries Hotels
Power 2400W for Ultrasound Generator PCB

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Selling Units:
Single package size:
45 x 42 x 26 m
Single gross weight:
11 kg

CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts

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Ultrasonic Generators which adopts advanced high speed single chip microcomputer control technology and possess new circuit design theory,it is a new generation of multi-functional ultrasonic cleaning power.

The control box adopts high speed single chip microcomputer controlled digital frequency synthesis technology with half bridge circuit drive which is stable and low power loss.


1. Sweep function: The most advanced frequency sweeping circuit on the international market, effectively protecting the shock plate;
2. The power output components IGBTs all use imported devices, which have the advantages of small size, high power, fast response, etc.
3, power tube: the use of imported Japanese Toshiba 90A / 1200V imported tube, to eliminate the possibility of burning;
4. Unique sealing and anti-corrosion technology to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation of internal circuit boards;
5, the latest its exciting control circuit, the output power is up to 96%, so that the ultrasonic cavitation density is greatly improved;
6, the output current is a sine wave, which can extend the service life of the transducer and the generator itself;
7, wide range sweep frequency: 17KHZ-68KHZ adjustable, suitable for a variety of transducers;
8. Constant output design, the output current ripple is small, the output is more stable, and the transducer is protected from damage;
9, output overcurrent, short circuit protection, can protect the generator power tube.

Digital ultrasonic power is adjustable. Thus it is more flexible and more efficient.
Its complete protection function which include overheat alarm and over-current alarm make the work become more reliable.
Its accurate timer which calculate results has four numbers, guarantee the quality of your work.
The screen can display status of work mode,frequency or current according to your requirement.


Ultrasonic circuit board has excellent frequency control accuracy. The power drive adopts imported power module, wide tracking frequency, adaptive output load, high efficiency, excellent energy saving, small size, high power and high integration. The structure is reasonable, easy to ventilate and heat, has over-current and over-voltage protection functions, and has good continuous operation reliability. Adaptive various forms of transducers.


Working voltage AC220±10V. It has protection measures such as overvoltage, overcurrent and output short circuit. The 220V ultrasonic circuit board has the functions of frequency fine adjustment and frequency automatic tracking, which can achieve the best results under different working conditions. The cleaning liquid is driven to form a fine reflow, so that the workpiece dirt is quickly taken away from the surface of the workpiece while being ultrasonically peeled off, thereby improving the cleaning efficiency. With power stepless adjustment function, the output power can achieve 10%-100% continuous adjustment to meet the requirements of various cleaning objects, and can also set time timing and safe operation.

In 2018, our company introduced a bottom cost generator to meet the domestic market price competition. The generator is easy to operate, can be operated at startup, and can be adjusted for frequency and current. The frequency can be adjusted from 20khz-40khz and the power can be 200W-600W.

Micro-small ultrasonic generator (power) application:
Mainly used for: cleaning of batch workpieces. Such as mechanical parts, mechanical gears, mechanical parts, auto parts, auto parts, auto gears, stainless steel cutlery, parts before plating, straps, hardware mechanical parts, filter cores, wafers, lenses, frames, jewellery, glass Utensils, surgical instruments, motor rotors, stators, exchangers, radiators, furniture fittings, fins, aluminum-iron-copper compression parts, ductile iron parts, cylinder parts, housings, piston rings, hydraulic machinery, compressors, engine parts Waiting for the pressing of hardware parts, cleaning of the process or the end of the production process, such as hair on the hair or the head of the model, real hair and so on. Cleaning: High efficiency and good effect, it has amazing effect on oil stains, wax, dust and fine seams that can not be cleaned by ordinary methods.


ARS-SXMBJ30019khz-48khz adjustable300W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ60019khz-48khz adjustable600W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ90019khz-48khz adjustable900W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ100019khz-48khz adjustable1000W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ120019khz-48khz adjustable1200W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ130019khz-48khz adjustable1300W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ150019khz-48khz adjustable1500W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ180019khz-48khz adjustable1800W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ200019khz-48khz adjustable2000W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ240019khz-48khz adjustable2400W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ250019khz-48khz adjustable2500W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ260019khz-48khz adjustable2600W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ280019khz-48khz adjustable2800W350×300×140mm
ARS-SXMBJ300019khz-48khz adjustable3000W350×300×140mm
 Ultrasonic PCB generator could to 3000W,welcome send the enquire
600W-3000W Ultrasonic PCB frequency adjustable,with display board
Above ultrasonic PCB generator 110V-120V or 220V-240V are available,contact with us during your order with detail request





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CE 28KHZ 2400W Digital Ultrasonic circuit board pcb For Cleaning Metal Parts

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