Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine



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Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine
Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine
Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine
Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine
Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine
Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine
Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine

Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine

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  • Size 48 x 46 x 52 m
    Weight25 kg
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Quick Details
Product Cutting Product
Warranty 1 Year
Place of Origin CN;GUA
Usage Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine
Application Cutting plastic food
Frequency (Khz) 35KHZ/40KHZ
Product name Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine
For application range Cutting
Function Ultrasonic Cutting Machine
After Warranty Service Video technical support
Local Service Location none
Showroom Location none
Material Stainless Steel
After-sales Service Provided Video technical support
Applicable Industries Hotels
Weight (KG) 15 KG
Power (kW) 800W

Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine

The characteristics of the ultrasonic cutting machine do not require sharp blades, do not require great pressure, and will not chip or break the cutting material.

The cutting blade is doing ultrasonic vibration, the friction resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easy to stick to the blade. It has obvious cutting effect on frozen, viscous and elastic materials. Such as food, rubber or inconvenient cutting objects are particularly effective.

At the same time as cutting, there is fusion effect at the cutting site. Sealing the cutting area can prevent loosening of the tissue of the material being cut (such as flashing of textile materials). The use of ultrasonic cutting machines can also be extended, such as digging holes, shovel digging, scraping paint, carving, slitting and so on.


The ultrasonic cutting machine is a device that uses wave energy for cutting processing. The biggest feature is that it does not use the traditional cutting edge.

Traditional cutting uses a knife with a sharp edge to press the material to be cut. The pressure is concentrated at the cutting edge, and the pressure is very large, exceeding the shear strength of the material being cut, and the molecular binding of the material is pulled apart and cut. Because the material is pulled apart by strong pressure, the cutting edge of the cutting tool should be very sharp, and the material itself must withstand relatively large pressure. It is not good for cutting soft and elastic materials, and it is more difficult for viscous materials.


The basic composition of a sonic cutting machine. Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic horn, ultrasonic cutter, ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic generator

The commercial power is converted into high-frequency and high-voltage AC current, which is input to the ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer is equivalent to an energy conversion device. It can convert the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, that is, ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic transducer performs a telescopic movement in the longitudinal direction, and the frequency of the telescopic movement is equal to the frequency of the high-frequency AC current supplied by the driving power source.

Ultrasonic horn

The ultrasonic horn amplifies the output amplitude of the ultrasonic transducer.

Ultrasonic cutting knife

Amplify the amplitude further and focus the ultrasound.

The ultrasonic wave is output, and the ultrasonic energy is concentratedly input to the cutting part of the material to be cut by a cutting blade. Under the action of huge ultrasonic energy, this part softens and melts instantaneously, and the strength is greatly reduced. Only a small amount of force is required to achieve the purpose of cutting materials.


Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine




Frequency (KHz)

























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Factory Supply 35KHZ/40KHZ Ultrasonic Knife Cutting Machine





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