High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner



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High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner
High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner
High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner
High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner
High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner
High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner
High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner

High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner

  • Item No.ARS-QXHNQ13050
    MOQ1 Piece
  • Product size20 x 15 x 15 m
    Product weight2 kg
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High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner


Introduction of Ultrasonic Oscillator:
An ultrasonic vibrator, also called an ultrasonic vibrating head and an ultrasonic vibrating head, is a type of ultrasonic transducer and a core component of an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Industry standard name: Ultrasonic transducer, which belongs to piezoelectric ceramic material and one of the main accessories of ultrasonic cleaning machine. In terms of power, a single ultrasonic vibration head is 60W, 100W. The frequencies are: 20KHZ, 25KHZ, 28KHZ, 40KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 100KHZ, or higher; the differences in shape are: straight, horn, etc.
With the development of ultrasonic technology and the deepening of the application of power ultrasonic equipment, the performance of power ultrasonic equipment depends largely on the quality of power piezoelectric ceramic vibrators.
The transducer vibrator converts the high-frequency excitation current into ultrasonic vibration, and is the driving part of the sandwich-type piezoelectric ceramic transducer. The performance of the entire transducer system depends largely on the quality of the transducer vibrator. When designing and manufacturing a sandwich-type piezoelectric ceramic transducer with a low frequency, the transducer oscillator must be designed first, and the frequency of the oscillator finally determines the frequency of the sandwich-type Yaodan ceramic transducer.

There are two types of transducers used for ultrasonic cleaning, one is a magnetostrictive transducer, and the other is a piezoelectric transducer. The electroacoustic efficiency of such a transducer is relatively low. Moreover, metallic nickel materials are expensive and have complicated manufacturing processes, which are rarely used at present. There is also a magnetostrictive transducer made of ferrite material. Although its electroacoustic efficiency is relatively high, its mechanical strength is low and the electrical power capacity it can withstand is small. Therefore, it is rarely used in China.



The mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning is to make use of the physical effects such as cavitation, radiation pressure and sound flow in the cleaning liquid. It can exfoliate the machinery produced by the dirt on the cleaning parts, and can also promote the chemical reaction between the cleaning liquid and the dirt, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the object. The frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be selected by 10~500 kHz according to the size and purpose of the cleaning material, generally more than 20~50 kHz. With the increase of the frequency of ultrasonic transducer, Langerhans oscillator, longitudinal oscillator and thickness oscillator can be used. In the miniaturization aspect, radial vibration and flexural vibration are also adopted. Ultrasonic cleaning has become more and more widely used in various industries, agriculture, household equipment, electronics, automobile, rubber, printing, aircraft, food, hospital and medical research.


The transducer uses different piezoelectric materials to explain that:
The black chip is P4 series, which is a medium power emitting material with dual transmitting and receiving characteristics.
With low dielectric loss and high mechanical quality factor, it is mainly used in ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic atomization and so on.
The Yellow chip is P8 series, which is a high-power emission material with high mechanical quality factor.
Good stability, very low dielectric loss, especially suitable for making high-power ultrasonic transducers. Widely used in
Ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic polishing, ultrasonic cleaning and so on.



Main Features:

  • High Q value.
  • Large amplitude.
  • High conversion frequency, low heat.
  • Output is stable.
  • Strict quality control.


1.High efficiency : high quality mechine, high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency at the resonant frequencies.
2.Large amplitude : computer optimized structure, high vibration ratio , large amplitude front cover.
3.High power: In the influence of pre-stressed screw, piezoelectric ceramic energy can achieve to the most.
4.Heat-resistance: small resonant impedance, wide temperature range.


Specification List 
ModelFrequency  Capacitance   Size Power
(KHz)(pF) Radiation head*Height (mm)(W)
ARS-4QXHNQ-28K50WN28 ±0.54000±10%45*7950w
ARS-4QXHNQ-28K60W                28±0.54800±10%59*6860w
ARS-4QXHNQ-40K50W40 ±1.04000±10%45*5550w
ARS-4QXHNQ-40K50WN40 ±1.04000±10%45*5350w
ARS-8QXHNQ-40K50WN40 ±1.03250±10%45*5350w
Screw hole size (diameter * pitch * depth)M10*1.0*10






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High Frequency 130KHz Ultrasonic Tank Transducer With Hole For Cleaner








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