High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate



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High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate
High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate
High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate
High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate
High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate
High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate
High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate

High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate

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  • Product size42 x 40 x 25 cm
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High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate


With the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioners are widely used, resulting in tight skin, dry mouth, coughs and colds and other air-conditioning diseases. This product releases a large amount of negative oxygen ions during the atomization process, which can effectively increase indoor humidity, moisturize the dry air, and combine with the floating smoke and dust in the air to make it precipitate, which can effectively remove the smell of paint, enzymes, smoke and The smell makes the air fresher and protects the health of you and your family.

Application areas:
Edible fungus: create a humidity environment suitable for the cultivation process
Computer room: maintain humidity, eliminate static electricity, reduce dust, and freshen air. Reduce failures.
Supermarket preservation: green leafy vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, fresh, refrigerated display cabinets, keep fruits and vegetables fresh, taste, color, prevent dehydration, withering, weight loss, etc.
Laboratory: various types of inspection, testing, quality, analysis, laboratory and other constant humidity environments. Maintain various experimental process requirements, improve reliability and reduce failures.
Planting industry: all kinds of orchids, tropical plants, soilless cultivation, flower houses, etc., maintain various environmental humidity requirements during the growth period.
Breeding industry: large-scale breeding sites such as livestock, birds, and insects simulate the natural environment. Maintain the humidity requirements of various breeding industries, moisturize and disinfect.
Artificial landscape: tropical artificial rain, film and television, exhibitions, parks, zoos, squares, water curtain movies, etc. imitate the cloud and fog landscape of the natural environment.
Leisure and health care: bathing, fitness, skin care, beauty, cold mist bath, salt mist bath, negative ion bath and other leisure and entertainment, high-end enjoyment of human beings, comfortable environment,
Bar: pure draft beer + real ice + natural and elegant water smoke, leisure and entertainment artificial scenery, romantic water smoke, comfortable environment, negative ion bath.
Film and television cultural industry: fog screen, three-dimensional impression.


(1)Atomizer case (304 stainless steel)
(2) Fixed hole
(3)Power positive lead
(4)Negative lead
(5)Water level induction switch
(6)Power indicator
(7)ultrasonic atomizer
(8)Metal press ring
(9)Seal ring

[Product features]
1.The water quality of the atomization is more adaptable, and the same atomizer can work normally with pure water or tap water.
2. The utility model has wide application range, and ensures that the product can be used normally under the condition of large change of the city electricity.
3. A polarity protection circuit is provided to prevent the user from damaging the product on the contrary.
4. A polarity protection circuit is provided to prevent the user from damaging the product on the contrary.
5. The circuit of a single nozzle is designed independently, and the over-current protection circuit is adopted to avoid the burning of the circuit of a certain nozzle and damage the power supply, and the normal operation of other nozzles can not be affected.
6. The current voltage and temperature is less affected, because the current in each nozzle by electronic automatic adjustment, the current will decrease with the increase of temperature (does not affect the quantity of fog, to avoid the power tube), the current increases caused by severe fever and damage the vicious spiral atomizer.
7. This product uses high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength of the metal shell, reducing the temperature difference between the host and the water, thereby prolonging the service life of the product.
[technical parameter]
(Unless otherwise specified, the water temperature is =25 degrees C. the supply voltage is =50V)

The use of: For humidifying machine, fog equipment movement, or directly used as a humidifier (to be connected to 48V DC). Use matters needing attention:

1 when the atomizer is working correctly, please don't put their hands on the above atomizer spray chamber, to prevent ultrasonic injury.

2. The atomizer must be in the water to work properly, before use, please the into the water and then connect the power, and to ensure that the fogging piece surface in the water, so as not to damage the atomizer.

3. when to stop using the atomizer before you disconnect the power supply, and then removed from the water atomizer.

4. use the atomizer, please use the output power is more than 250W, the output voltage is DC45 + 5V power supply.

5. when a plurality of atomizers set in the same container when in use, respectively is equipped with a separate power supply, not with a single power supply connection multiple atomizers use, and pay attention to the shell of the atomizer communicated each other, to thereby generate electrical corrosion.

6. Atomizer fog must use fan forced discharge, planar space and each nebulizer retained 350CM2, so as to avoid water temperature too high shorten the lifespan of the atomizer.

7.The atomizer is not suitable for the atomization of corrosive liquid, so as to avoid damage to the metal shell and atomizer atomizing sheet.

8. the installation process please don't damage the water level sensing switch, water level switch to avoid failures caused by uncontrolled atomizer.

The water level switch is damaged should be stopped, otherwise there will be a piece of dry burning so as to further damage the atomizing atomizer. At this time need to be repaired by professional maintenance personnel to use. Product warranty:

1 the product warranty period is one year. Normal use within a year if the failure can be returned to the original factory warranty, non normal use of the failure, can be carried out with a taste warranty, depending on the circumstances.

2 the following circumstances, does not belong to the scope of our quality assurance. According to the contents of the store - installation use and maintenance of the fault. The product is without dismantling repair, modification or additional parts. The loss (such as atomization etc.) is not within the scope of warranty.


[Product maintenance and maintenance]
 After the atomizer is worked for a long time, the surface of the shell and the atomizing sheet can be deposited with scale, and the service life and the atomizing quantity are seriously affected, so it is recommended that the atomizer be cleaned at least once every half a month. When cleaning, can be dipped in alcohol soft cloth gently scrub atomizer shell and atomizing surface, do not use hard objects to clean atomized tablets, so as not to scratch the fog.
Quality will affect the service life of atomizer, it is recommended to use clean water.
After the atomizer after working for a long time (about 5000 hours), atomization life attenuation, atomization quantity will decrease, then you can replace the atomizing piece new, atomizing sheet and supporting tool key please contact your local dealer or the company to buy. The method of replacement can be referred to (Figure 1), and the procedures of replacement are as follows:
Cut off the power supply, remove the atomizer from the water, upside down and stay for a while, the atomizer of water flow out after all, and then dry cloth to wipe the spray cavity and the inner surface of the water atomizer.
Unscrew the press ring with the tool key, remove the old energy change plate, and keep the atomizing energy exchange. The cavity is clean and dry.
The new energy transfer plate faces up, and the reverse side is fitted and tightened.
[Common troubleshooting]

Fault phenomenon Reason analysis processing method
atomizer is out of power and the indicator light is not on the shell electricity is not working. Check that the power plug is plugged in and the power is damaged
The power of the atomizer is polarity reversed Switch the polarity of the power in
The power supply of the atomizer is normal and the indicator light is on, but not spray The water level in the container of the atomizer is too low to reach its normal working water level Add enough water
atomizer in the atomizer does not spray The damage or bad contact of the atomizing piece Replace the new atomizing film
The line of a nozzle in the main machine is damaged Return dealer or business warranty
One or more nozzles in the atomizer appear less foggy Atomizing film aging or damage Replace the new atomizing film
shell of atomizer and the coating on the surface of atomizing piece are easy to fall off Atomized corrosive liquid Should not be atomized corrosive liquid, it is recommended to replace
Many products are used in the same container, but the casing is not connected The enclosure of each product is communicated with each other





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High Quality 10 heads Cigarette Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate 








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