OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator



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OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator
OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator
OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator
OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator
OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator
OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator
OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator

OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator

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OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator



OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator


Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer Pack also called the inputting type ultrasonic vibration plates, this product is suitable for cleaning electroplating parts before cleaning, horologe parts, hardware machinery parts, polyester filtering cores, semiconductor wafer, tools, lens, frames, jewellery, glass, utensils and other industries, wide application.


1. Immersible ultrasonic transducer unit can be installed in the tank by three ways: side, top and bottom. 1.The ultrasonic cleaning device is composed of the immersible ultrasonic transducer and generator. If ultrasonic cleaning machine of the standard model cannot be applied to a specific working environment, you can also make immersible ultrasonic transducer pack according to customizing special specifications. The working positions can be installed to fluid tank top side, bottom side or both side to achieve different cleaning effects..
2. It is of an all stainless steel structure, acid- and alkali-resistant, beautiful and durable. Strong acid- and strong alkali-resistant titanium plate material is used to reinforce and tighten welding..
3.It is welded with thick 316L stainless steel, which has good sealing performance..
4.The ultrasonic generator and immersible transducer are connected with separated high frequency wires, which is convenient for repair and maintenance..
5. It can work continuously for 24 hours, which is suitable for mass production.


Specializing in the production of input type side shock type bottom vibration type ultrasonic vibration plate / one-year warranty / maintenance of various types of vibration plate series input type ultrasonic vibration plate (vibration plate) is glued to a fully sealed stainless steel vibration box by an ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic generation It consists of two parts. When the trough-type ultrasonic cleaning equipment is not suitable for specific work needs, the ultrasonic vibration plate is not only suitable for self-built cleaning tanks or existing cleaning tanks with ultrasonic cleaning functions, but also suitable for the repair and replacement of ultrasonic vibration plates of existing ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and suitable for large-scale ultrasonic cleaning The machine system is equipped with an ultrasonic vibration plate, and it is also suitable for ultrasonic extraction equipment and ultrasonic sewage treatment equipment. The ultrasonic vibration plate can be flexibly installed in different parts of the cleaning tank (top, side, bottom) to achieve different cleaning effects. Ultrasonic vibration plates (vibration plates) are generally tailor-made according to user needs and actual working conditions.

Features and advantages of ultrasonic vibration plate products:
SUS304/SUS316L/titanium plate, strong and corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate, waterproof and fully sealed welding.
The ultrasonic radiation surface adopts thickened stainless steel plate to extend the life of cavitation corrosion.
Unique bonding technology, NTK imported from Japan doubles the life of the transducer. High Q value PZT transducer, stable and strong ultrasonic power is 35% higher than similar products.
High-quality coaxial high-frequency ultrasonic signal screen closed line seat, low signal loss, strong anti-interference ability.
Advanced ultrasonic technology improves the distribution of energy in the medium, cleans and removes cleaning blind areas, and improves the cleaning effect.
Improve and optimize the process according to user needs. Provide free process experiments and trials for user needs.
According to the needs of users, it can realize ordinary switch control, PLC weak current control, closed control, remote control, etc.
According to customer requirements, special specifications, non-standard ultrasonic vibration plates of different sizes, powers and frequencies are customized.
Fully digital ultrasonic generator.
Specially designed split ultrasonic generator to adapt to humid and corrosive working environment.
It does not require professionals to maintain it by itself, and the operation is simple. Dongxin Ultrasound provides technical support for life. Provide supporting OEM cooperation for peers and equipment manufacturers. The operation is mature and the technical products are stable. Welcome to contact us.

The vibration plate is divided into: input ultrasonic vibration plate, flange type vibration plate and detachable ultrasonic vibration plate. The split structure is adopted, and the high-frequency wire with socket is used for connection between the vibration plate and the ultrasonic generator, which is convenient for use and maintenance.

Features of ultrasonic vibration plate:
The ultrasonic vibration plate is driven by the international advanced digital pulse method. Compared with the traditional self-excited control technology, it has obtained many experts with the advantages of small size, light weight, strong power, stable and reliable work, continuously adjustable power, and flexible control. Recognition. The automatic frequency tracking of the ultrasonic cleaner ensures that the machine is in the best working condition from beginning to end, and can maximize the potential of the ultrasonic transducer. It also has complete protection functions; overcurrent protection, overheat protection, and output short-circuit protection. Real-time digital display, working frequency and ultrasonic output power are more intuitive. It is also equipped with a remote control port, which can be easily applied to a fully automatic production line.

Application scope of ultrasonic vibration plate:
1. Machinery industry: removal of anti-rust grease; cleaning of measuring tools; degreasing and rust removal of mechanical parts; cleaning of engines, carburetors and auto parts; dredging and cleaning of filters and screens, etc. Especially in the railway industry, it is very suitable for the degreasing and decontamination of the air conditioner of the train carriage, and the derusting, degreasing and anti-rusting of the various parts of the train head.
2. Surface treatment industry: degreasing and rust removal before electroplating; cleaning before ion plating; phosphating treatment; removing carbon deposits; removing oxide scale; removing polishing paste; surface activation treatment of metal workpieces, etc.
3. Instrumentation industry: high cleanliness of precision parts, cleaning before assembly, etc.
4. Electronic industry: Removal of rosin and solder spots on printed circuit boards; cleaning of mechanical and electronic parts such as high voltage contacts.
5. Medical industry: cleaning, disinfection, sterilization of medical equipment, cleaning of test utensils, etc.
6. Semiconductor industry: high cleanliness cleaning of semiconductor wafers.
7. Watch and jewelry industry: remove sludge, dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, etc.
8. Chemical and biological industries: cleaning and descaling of laboratory utensils, etc.
9. Optical industry: degreasing, sweating and dust removal of optical devices.
10. Textile printing and dyeing industry: cleaning textile spindles, spinnerets, etc.
11. Petrochemical industry: cleaning and dredging of metal filters, cleaning of chemical containers, exchangers, etc.
12. Others: liquid defoaming (removing dissolved air) in photosensitive material manufacturing, papermaking, and certain food fields.



Type Description 
A.Mounting to tank wall with threaded duct nipple and fastening bracket. Cable through the tank wall.

B.Mounting to tank wall with threaded duct nipple and fixing nipple. Cable through the tank wall.

C.Mounting to tank wall with hanging hooks. Rigid stainless steel tube for cable over the tank top.

D.Mounting to tank wall with hanging hooks. Flexible metal armoured 1 m hose for cable over the tank top.

E.Mounting to tank bottom. Rigid stainless steel tube for cable through the tank wall.

F.Mounting to tank bottom. Rigid stainless steel tube for cable over the tank top.

G.Mounting to tank bottom. Flexible metal armoured 0,5 m hose for cable through the tank wall. 

H. Mounting to tank bottom. Flexible metal armoured 1,5 m hose for cable over the tank top.

X.Non-standard mounting


ARS-ZBH1200W OEM Customized Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer Pack for ultrasonic cleaning



Frequency (Khz)


Ultrasonic Transducer



















































Above are single frequency ultrasonic immersible transducer pack OEM Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer Pack(Size, Frequency,Power) 


Multi pack.JPG









1.JPG2.JPG8.jpg 9.JPG



OEM Customized 1200W 28KHz/40KHz Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Generator









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