PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board



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PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board
PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board
PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board
PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board
PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board
PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board
PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board

PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board

  • Item No.ARS-QXHNQ40100
    MOQ1 Piece
  • Product size20 x 15 x 15 m
    Product weight2 kg
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Quick Details
Place of Origin CN
Usage Vibration Sensor for ultrasonic Cleaning transducer
customized Acceptable for ultrasonic Cleaning transducer
Model Number ARS-QXHNQ40100
Feature Long Life Low Cost for ultrasonic transducer
Product name ultrasonic transducer for ultrasonic Cleaning transducer
Type: ultrasonic transducer
After Warranty Service Video technical support
Local Service Location none
Showroom Location none
Material Stainless Steel for ultrasonic Cleaning transducer
Applicable Industries Hotels

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Selling Units:
Single package size:
20 x 15 x 15 m
Single gross weight:
2 kg

PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board  


Ultrasonic transducers are widely used. They are divided into industry, agriculture, transportation, life, medical and military according to the applied industry. According to the functions realized, it is divided into ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, detection, monitoring, telemetry, remote control, etc.; according to the working environment, it is divided into liquid, gas, biological, etc.; according to the nature, it is divided into power ultrasonic, ultrasonic detection, ultrasonic imaging, etc. .

Ultrasonic transducers are piezoelectric ceramics that resonate at ultrasonic frequencies and convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations by the piezoelectric effect of the material. Medical ultrasonic transducers (ultrasonic probes) operate in much the same way, and typically contain an electrical energy storage element and a mechanical vibration system inside. When the transducer is used as a transmitter, the electrical oscillating signal sent from the excitation source will cause a change in the electric or magnetic field in the electrical energy storage element of the transducer, which changes the mechanical vibration system of the transducer through some effect. A driving force is generated to cause it to vibrate, thereby propelling the medium in contact with the mechanical vibration system of the transducer to vibrate and radiate sound waves into the medium. The process of receiving sound waves is exactly the opposite. External sound waves act on the vibrating surface of the transducer, causing the mechanical vibration system of the transducer to vibrate, causing an electric field in the energy storage element of the transducer or by some physical effect. The magnetic field changes accordingly, causing the electrical output of the transducer to produce a voltage and current corresponding to the acoustic signal.


The transducer uses different piezoelectric materials to explain that:
The black chip is P4 series, which is a medium power emitting material with dual transmitting and receiving characteristics.
With low dielectric loss and high mechanical quality factor, it is mainly used in ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic atomization and so on.
The Yellow chip is P8 series, which is a high-power emission material with high mechanical quality factor.
Good stability, very low dielectric loss, especially suitable for making high-power ultrasonic transducers. Widely used in
Ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic polishing, ultrasonic cleaning and so on.


Ultrasonic transducer application:
1. Of all the cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient and effective one. The reason why ultrasonic cleaning can achieve such effects is closely related to its unique working principle and cleaning method.
2. We know that in production and life, there are many things that need to be cleaned, and there are many types and links that need to be cleaned, such as the removal of pollutants from objects, dredging small holes, and common manual cleaning methods for special-shaped objects and hidden areas There is no doubt that it cannot meet the requirements. Even steam cleaning and high-pressure water jet cleaning cannot meet the demand for high cleanliness. Ultrasonic cleaning can also kill bacteria, dissolve organic pollutants, and prevent over-corrosion. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning It is increasingly widely used in various industries:
(1) Machinery industry: removal of rust-proof grease; cleaning of measuring tools; degreasing and rust removal of mechanical parts; cleaning of engines, carburetor and automobile parts; dredging and cleaning of filters and screens.
(2) Surface treatment industry: degreasing and rust removal before electroplating; cleaning before ion plating; phosphating treatment; removal of carbon deposits; removal of oxide scale; removal of polishing paste; surface activation treatment of metal workpieces, etc.
(3) Instrumentation industry: cleaning of high-precision parts before assembly, etc.
(4) Electronics industry: removing rosin and welding spots on printed circuit boards; cleaning mechanical and electronic parts such as high-voltage contacts.
(5) Medical industry: cleaning, disinfection, sterilization of medical equipment, cleaning of experimental utensils, etc.
(6) Semiconductor industry: high cleanliness cleaning of semiconductor wafers.
(7) Clock and watch industry: decoration sludge, dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, etc.
(8) Chemical and biological industries: cleaning and descaling of experimental utensils.
(9) Optical industry: degreasing, sweat removal, dust removal, etc. of optical devices.
(10) Textile printing and dyeing industry: cleaning textile spindles, spinnerets, etc.
(11) Petrochemical industry: cleaning and dredging of metal filters, cleaning of chemical containers, exchangers, etc.



Main Features:

  • High Q value.
  • Large amplitude.
  • High conversion frequency, low heat.
  • Output is stable.
  • Strict quality control.


1.High efficiency : high quality mechine, high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency at the resonant frequencies.
2.Large amplitude : computer optimized structure, high vibration ratio , large amplitude front cover.
3.High power: In the influence of pre-stressed screw, piezoelectric ceramic energy can achieve to the most.
4.Heat-resistance: small resonant impedance, wide temperature range.


Specification List 
ModelFrequency  Capacitance   Size Power
(KHz)(pF) Radiation head*Height (mm)(W)
ARS-4QXHNQ-28K50WN28 ±0.54000±10%45*7950w
ARS-4QXHNQ-28K60W                28±0.54800±10%59*6860w
ARS-4QXHNQ-40K50W40 ±1.04000±10%45*5550w
ARS-4QXHNQ-40K50WN40 ±1.04000±10%45*5350w
ARS-8QXHNQ-40K50WN40 ±1.03250±10%45*5350w






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PZT4 40KHZ High Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Oscillator For Cleaning Circuit Board  








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