hot sales digital ultrasonic welding generator and transducer for welding ear straps
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    hot sales digital ultrasonic welding generator and transducer for welding ear straps


    The principle of ultrasonic mask machine welding mainly uses ultrasonic technology to transmit ultrasonic energy to the welding zone through the upper welding piece. Due to the large acoustic resistance at the welding interface, which is the interface between the two weldings, local high temperatures will occur. In addition, due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, nylon, chemical fibers, non-woven fabrics, multi-layered fabrics, and gold fabrics, they cannot be distributed in time and gather in the welding zone, causing the two contact surfaces to melt rapidly. After applying a certain pressure, Fusion into one. When the ultrasonic wave stops functioning, the pressure is continued, and the pressure is maintained for a while to solidify and form. This forms a strong molecular chain to achieve the purpose of welding. The welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material. This is what many manufacturers need to use. NVC ultrasonic welding and welding masks have the advantages of fast, clean, safe, stable performance, high output, etc., and make the wearer's ears comfortable, no pressure, good filtering effect of mask filter cloth layer, and perfectly fit the face of Asians, It is very suitable for the current personal protective masks for epidemic situations, high-pollution red zone protective masks, and can be applied to high-polluting industries such as construction and mining.
    A manufacturer specializing in the production of ultrasonic welding generators. The company has introduced advanced foreign technology and developed a series of ultrasonic generators and ultrasonic power supplies. The series of ultrasonic generators are widely used in ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic nozzle removal, mask welding, non-woven seam welding, punching, seam welding of plastic films, punching and slitting of nylon webbing, etc. Medical and health care, mask machines, furniture life, clothing and textile production fields have been widely used.
    Ultrasonic welding has been widely used in sanitary products production lines, such as diapers and other related products. Ultrasonic welding equipment is used in many fabrics, films, non-woven fabrics and paper products such as female products, medical masks, rags, vacuum bags, filter cloths .
    Ultrasonic technology is powerful and has a wide range of applications. It can perform lamination, embossing, drilling, cutting, splicing and other operations. Therefore, ultrasonic welding can not only provide low-cost bonding, but also perform other operations, which improves the utilization rate of the equipment.

    The ultrasonic generator adopts the latest digital circuit design, which can automatically identify the frequency of ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic molds. No frequency adjustment is required when changing molds. The ultrasonic vibration state is monitored at all times and corresponding adjustments are made. The long-term work is stable and reliable.
    Ultrasonic system for mask machine Ultrasonic vibration system can output ultrasonic vibration energy and can be used in a variety of applications; the system needs to cooperate with actions, pressure and other mechanical units to complete welding tasks; with fixed flanges, simple installation; when the system works, there are external switches The signal triggers the system. The system completes a welding process according to a preset time. The program control circuit is equipped with a delay time, welding time, pressure holding time, and demolding vibration time. The time adjustment accuracy is 0.01s; it can work intermittently. Can also work continuously;
    Performance introduction of ultrasonic system for mask machine:
    1. Intelligent ultrasonic generator, digital circuit design, automatic frequency scanning without manual adjustment;
    2. Frequency, power, current LCD display, ultrasonic amplitude 50%-100% adjustable;
    3. Ultrasonic transducers are assembled from Japanese original piezoelectric ceramic chips, with strong and reliable power;
    4. The system is equipped with multiple detection protection circuits. When the output cable is open, the transducer and the mold exceed the frequency range, etc., the overload protection circuit automatically cuts off the ultrasonic power supply and buzzes the alarm;
    Mask ultrasonic machine special features:
    The ultrasonic generator can monitor the working frequency and power of the high-power ultrasonic system.
    According to different requirements of users, various parameters can be adjusted in real time: such as power, amplitude, running time, etc.
    Frequency fine-tuning: Adjust the frequency so that the ultrasonic transducer always works in a good state, the efficiency is large, and the adjustment range is 2%.
    Automatic follow-up: Once the device is initially set up, it can be operated continuously without the need to adjust the generator.











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    hot sales digital ultrasonic welding generator and transducer for welding ear straps





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