22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor



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22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor
22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor
22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor
22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor
22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor
22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor
22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor

22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor

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22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor

Piezoelectric ceramic materials have high electromechanical coupling coefficient, suitable dielectric constant and high sensitivity. It is mainly used for high-sensitivity transducers, flowmeter transducers, level gauge transducers, accelerometer transducers, ultrasonic detection transducers, etc.
The piezoelectric ceramic sheet material has good piezoelectricity, high mechanical strength, high coercive field, and low dielectric loss in strong fields. It is mainly used for ultrasonic cleaning, powerful ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic welding, scaler probe, beauty instrument probe, ultrasonic scalpel probe, cardiovascular therapy instrument probe, etc.

The piezoelectric ceramic material is between PZT8 and PZT5, taking into account the characteristics of both, has high sensitivity, and has low dielectric loss, and has low transmission power and can be used as a transceiver for receiving and receiving at the same time. , It is appropriate to choose this material. At present, ultrasonic atomization transducers produced with this piezoelectric ceramic material have been put into mass production.
Piezoelectric ceramics, also known as transducers, are an indispensable and important part of modern electronic technology. Piezoelectric ceramics are used in modern communications, radar, sonar, automatic measurement and control, ultrasonic energy conversion, ignition and detonation, and ultrasonic sterilization. , Ultrasonic power and other aspects have been widely used. At present, the development of piezoelectric ceramic materials and their applications in our country is still in the development stage, and the development of this industry will have broad prospects.
When a voltage is applied to a piezoelectric ceramic, a piezoelectric ceramic sheet will produce mechanical deformation with changes in voltage and frequency. On the other hand, when the piezoelectric ceramic is vibrated, an electric charge is generated. Using this principle, when an electrical signal is applied to a vibrator consisting of two piezoelectric ceramics or a piezoelectric ceramic and a metal sheet, so-called bimorph element, ultrasonic waves will be emitted due to bending vibration. On the contrary, when ultrasonic vibration is applied to the piezoelectric bimorph element, an electrical signal is generated. Based on the above effects, piezoelectric ceramics can be used as ultrasonic sensors.


Application of special sensitive ceramic automotive sensors
Electronic ceramic sensors for automobiles are required to be suitable for a long time in the harsh environment of automobiles (high temperature, low temperature, vibration, acceleration, humidity, sound, exhaust gas), and should have the characteristics of small and light weight, good reusability, and wide output range. Ceramic heat-resistance, corrosion-resistance, wear-resistance and its potential excellent electromagnetic and optical functions have been fully utilized in recent years with the advancement of manufacturing technology. Sensors made of sensitive ceramic materials can fully meet the above requirements.

Application of ceramic materials in automobile spraying technology
In recent years, aerospace technology has been widely used in ceramic film spraying technology and began to be applied to automobiles. The advantages of this technology are good thermal effect, can withstand high temperature and pressure, mature technology, and stable quality. In order to achieve the goal of low heat dissipation, ceramic spraying can be applied to engine combustion chamber components, such as zirconia spray on the top of the piston and zirconia spray on the cylinder liner. After this treatment, the engine can reduce heat loss, reduce the quality of the engine itself, reduce the size of the engine, and reduce fuel consumption.

Application of Alumina Ceramic Automobile Shock Absorber
The high-end car vibration damping device has successfully developed an intelligent shock absorber by comprehensively using the positive piezoelectric effect of sensitive ceramics and the electrostrictive effect of the inverse piezoelectric effect of alumina ceramics. Due to the use of high-sensitivity ceramic components, this type of shock absorber has the function of identifying the road surface and can do self-adjustment, which can minimize the vibration of the car due to the rough road surface.


Piezoelectric ceramics have a variety of different principles in the conversion process. From the current situation, the piezoelectric ceramics are basically converted effectively through the action of sound waves, and the actual conversion of these piezoelectric ceramics In the process, it will be able to generate more inductive loads, and can even be converted by the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics. In the actual conversion, more vibrations can be generated, and more acoustic waves will be emitted. Of course Among them, the entire piezoelectric ceramic conversion also has different conversion work, and there will be more standards for use.


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PiezoelectricCeramics (PZT) materials are categorized as functional ceramics. In sensors they make it possible toconvert forces, pressures and accelerations into electrical signals, and in sonic and ultrasonic transducers and actuators they convert electric voltages into vibrations or deformations.PiezoelectricCeramics materials are classified according to their chemical composition on the one hand, and by the specific application conditions on the other.

1. ultrasonic cleaning trasnducer
2. ultrasonic welding tansducer
3. ultrasonic beauty transducer
4. ultrasonic underwater transducer
5. ultrasonic immersible transucer
6. ultrasonic screening transducer
7. ultrasonic cutting transducer
8. ultrasonic atomization transducer
9. ultrasonic emulsifier





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22X14.5X3.0mm PZT4 OR PZT5 OR PZT8 Ring Piezo Ceramic For Car knock Sensor





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